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Thursday, December 30, 2010

bye bye

heyya just gonna say  bye . hahaha . to all my friends at SMK SULTAN YUSSUF goodbye . just gonna meet you alls maybe on 3 jan . i'll be coming to school . yehaaa . gonna mish u alls bebehh ! . aku xkan lupekan korang larh . jgn risau sanad . : D

and a very exciting moment to say hye to all my new friends at SMT GERIK . can't wait to study there haha . seriusly can't wait . sumea barang sudah beli tggu nak packing and ariving there hehhe . don't be jealous . :P .


Ayuni syahida said...

g00d luck there yeah ..

OH! MEN said...

semoga masa depan lebih cerah